Displays enthusiasm and clear interest in the subject while ensuring students learn.

What Effective Teachers Will Do

Effective educators are energetic and enthusiastic about the material they are teaching.  When teachers display knowledge of the subject matter and a personal interest in the content, students sense that excitement. Teachers show interest in the content through verbal and nonverbal communication, creative teaching strategies, and involvement in the lesson with the students.

What Effective Teachers Consider

What characteristics do I display that show my enthusiasm for the curriculum and for teaching? What cues (verbal and non-verbal) are evident in my instruction and communication?

  • The Power of Positive Teaching: 35 Successful Strategies for Active and Enthusiastic Classroom Participation
    (Yvonne Bender, 2004)
  • Teaching with Enthusiasm, Western Washington University.
    This website contains an 8-minute video conversation with a college professor noted for her enthusiasm and also a transcript for those who would rather read it.