Provides specific, timely, ongoing formative feedback to inform students of progress.

What Effective Teachers Will Do

Effective teachers provide students with specific and timely feedback in order for them to reach mastery. Descriptive feedback that occurs in time for students to correct misconceptions and improve skills before moving on to the new information, concepts, or skills increases the ability of students to reflect on their own learning and progress and learning and provides a guide to improvement.

What Effective Teachers Consider

What types of feedback do I use to promote student learning? Where can I improve in providing good feedback to my students?

  • Seven Keys to Effective Feedback (Educational Leadership, ASCD)
    Feedback is defined and seven keys are suggested for improving feedback in the classroom in order to improve student performance.
  • Providing Feedback (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (2005)
    Key research findings support the use of using effective feedback in a classroom to improve student learning.
  • Tips for Grading and Giving Students Feedback (Edutopia)
    An excerpt from "Tween Crayons and Curfews: Tips for Middle School Teachers." Advice on how to cut down on the stack of papers and assignments while still giving effective feedback to students.
  • Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works
    Howard Pitler et al., Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works, 1st Edition, ASCD, Alexandria, VA, pp. 41-58, 2007. Different types of technology can be used to give effective feedback to students.
  • The Teacher's Craft: The 10 Essential Skills of Effective Teaching
    Paul Chance, The Teacher's Craft: The 10 Essential Skills of Effective Teaching, Waveland Press, Inc., Long Grove, IL, pp. 69-78, 2008. Examples and definitions are explained about giving effective feedback to improve student learning.
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